Microsoft Pix a smarter Camera app for Apple Devices

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Microsoft Pix: Automatically Snaps and Edits Photos for the Best Results

Microsoft the world leader in desktop operating system just launched a camera app for the Apple Devices. The Microsoft Pix camera app will work with iPhone and other iOS devices. The company describes is as a “smarter camera app”. It is just because it can take better photographs than what the default camera app in iOS takes. The Microsoft Pix is available to download from Apple App Store. The app is made after a long research done by Microsoft Research center. The size of app is 149MB.

The Microsoft Pix uses a clever technique of taking a burst of photos while automatically analyzing the best photo and showing that one photo to you while deleting all other shots. The Microsoft Pix captures and displays photos with better clarity, contrast and focus in comparison to stock images. The app misses only color accuracy of photos. It tends to tone down the images to a cool temperature, resulting in a loss of image white balance. This minor issue may be fixed in the upcoming updates. Neel Joshi from the Microsoft Research’s graphics group said:

“There is this evolutionary process where the whole community – people here, people in academia – are building on top of what everyone built before. There is a progression. A lot of the work, a lot of the intelligence that is in Pix is really building on a long train of research at Microsoft.”

The Microsoft Pix is not exactly a magic worker. It corrects the problem of photography like rear lighting. The Pix seems to do a good job of correcting photos. Normal photographers don’t really need this, but for the everyday user it is very useful. The image captured by Microsoft Pix on the top has more crisp text though with a blue cast. The focus is better in the photo in comparison to the photo with stock iPhone camera at the bottom. The orientation is different because we deliberately induced hand shake in the photo. Microsoft’s new Pix camera app is available at Apple’s App Store.

Download: The Microsoft Pix

Source: Microsoft Official Blog

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