WhatsApp Android update: format text as bold and italic

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WhatsApp Android update brings new feature format text as bold and italic

WhatsApp, the leading and most downloaded android messaging app has introduced some new features in the latest update. The new update now allows users to type the text in bold and italic. This feature comes in handy when one wishes to type to highlight something important in a conversation. WhatsApp android update always brings new and existing updates. WhatsApp Android update having feature to format their text to add bold or italics style is available only in beta testing.  It will be available in next Play Store update.

Along with this change some new improvements have been made to the WhatsApp document file sharing feature. One can now share a document through Google Drive. According to a leaked report user can select a PDF, Word file or PowerPoint presentation file from Google Drive. After that it can be shared with friends. All of the files will be automatically converted to PDF format before sending.

In addition, WhatsApp upadte will also display a progress percentage whenever an automatic local backup is in motion. However, the pop-up still blocks everything but it at least displays the percentage, so that one has a fair idea of how much time one will have to wait before the app is usable again. Another small change is the the phone number no longer shows up front and center in the new Settings screen. The new profile section will only show the photo, name, and status, but not the phone number.

WhatsApp android update version 2.12.540 for Android will have these features. Currently the version is only for beta testers.  If you want the latest WhatsApp update of android app and test these features then just download the latest APK. The APK file can be downloaded from here.

Download the WhatsApp Android Update: Click Me

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