WhatsApp Backup and Restore Feature With Google Drive

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WhatsApp Backup and Restore Feature Now with Google Drive

In the latest version 2.12.45 WhatsApp added new option. Now WhatsApp backup and restore feature connected with Google Drive. The WhatsApp’s android developers team working on not only bug fixes, but also lots of new features. In the series on few innovative features first was the WhatsApp Web. After this the voice calling feature rollout and with this material design update. Now Google Drive has been implemented as a backup option inside the app. Users are happy with WhatsApp backup and restore feature.

The function of WhatsApp backup and restore feature has live with the app’s most recent version 2.12.45. The official WhatsApp installation page on Google play store still listed 2.12.44. If you want to download the new APK use this link.  Once you install the newest update in your android you will get the WhatsApp backup and restore feature with Google drive. For this first go into the app’s Settings then Chat settings and finally Chat Backup. Here you can check your last backup time and a option for Google Drive settings. Change the backup setting and you will be able to choose a Google account for the backup. You can also choose whether you want backup over Wi-Fi only or both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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After the changing the settings, your first WhatsApp backup will goes on your Google Drive.  WhatsApp usually does its daily backup around 4:00AM. WhatsApp first makes a local backup then starts sending the backup data to Google Drive. If you have a large amount of backup then set it to use Wi-Fi only. Otherwise it will bite your cellular data and the backup process might be slow. After the backup you can check your Google Drive account to check the backup. When you need to restore your backup then simply use restore button and it’s done. By using WhatsApp backup and restore feature with Google Drive, you will never lose your chat history.

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