WhatsApp emoji updated in the latest version of App

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WhatsApp emoji got a new set of updates in latest version

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app of Android and iOS devices. The latest version of the app for Android has new emoji set. The latest version 2.12.449 is rolling out to users and brings new and updated WhatsApp emoji. WhatsApp users will now have access a lot of new emoji symbols like unicorn, champagne bottle, popcorn box, racing cars, medals, and even a new in the faces tab. In the latest version new tabs are added to make it simpler to find the emoji. Now user will have eight tabs showcasing the new bulb, flag, sports and a beverage tab.

Currently the version 2.12.451 is available to download from WhatsApp official website. It may take time to be updated on the Google Play Store. The Play Store is still reflecting 2.12.441 version of the app. But if you can’t wait for the update via play store then you can download it from official website. After downloading the .apk file of the App from official link which given below just install on your device. After installing you will get all new WhatsApp emoji. See the image which shows some changes.

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WhatsApp Emoji Update

In India, the company updated the version in the Google Play Store on 11th February 2016. This version is tagged as 2.12.441, but still does not have the new emoji sets. But the official website of company showing the version 2.12.451 is ready to download. It is assumed that next update of Play Store will bring the new WhatsApp emoji. WhatsApp recently increased the limit of group members from 100 to 256. Before a month ago the company also made the app free forever.

Download the latest version from Official Website:  Click Here

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