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WhatsApp Starred Messages Feature Introduced to Mark Important Messages

WhatsApp starred messages feature is introduced in the latest build to mark important messages. WhatsApp is very popular app among smartphone users. We are always keeping an eye on new WhatsApp features and the latest WhatsApp updates. In April the app has introduced ability to back up your WhatsApp chats, photos and videos to Google Drive. Before this update there was a calling feature update.Now the WhatsApp starred messages feature is introduced in latest update. We hope next thing will be PDF document support.

WhatsApp’s latest beta Version 2.12.338 adds the ability to ‘star’ certain messages. By using the WhatsApp starred messages feature you can easily locate and read them at a later point. This feature is particularly useful, and arguably long overdue, given how long and confusing WhatsApp conversations can get. This feature is beta testing stage and not available on Google Play store. If you want to use the WhatsApp starred messages feature then you should be a beta tester of WhatsApp. But if you are not a beta tester then you can download the WhatsApp beta APK. Here is a guide to install latest APK of WhatsApp.

tech byts, whatsapp, whatsapp, android apps, Whatsapp Star Messages Feature, WhatsApp features
Whatsapp Starred Messages Feature

How to use Whatsapp starred messages feature:

  1. First of all just download the latest beta version of WhatsApp: Click Me
  2. Copy the APK in your device.
  3. Install the APK and Open the WhatsApp.
  4. Then Simply long-press on any message and press the star icon that appears.
  5. All your starred messages are then collated in their own dedicated starred messages section.

WhatsApp also introduced rich previews for URLs and extra clear chat options in this version.  In the new version the URL will shows previews. The previews are limited to a small image and a snippet of text. And it is currently only visible to the sender. But in next version it will be of receiver also. Stay tuned for more news on Android Apps. 🙂

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