Google building a Star Trek communicator prototype

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Google builds Star Trek communicator prototype for voice searches

Google, the tech giant is building Star Trek communicator prototype for voice search. A voice search device modeled after the badge-and-communicator pin worn by members of Starfleet. In the movie Star Trek the “combadge” was used to talk to other members as well as future computers. The future of technology is developed by Google. The self-driving cars are already here. Google envisioned the device solely as a channel for voice searches. According to a report of Time the Star Trek communicator prototype brief existence, users activated the badge by tapping the front. The query is routed via Bluetooth to their smartphone.

According to Google’s senior vice president and software engineer Mr. Amit Singhal:

“I always wanted that pin. You just ask it anything and it works. That’s why we were like it. Let’s go for Star Trek communicator prototype and see how it feels.’”

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Google’s Star Trek communicator prototype

Mr. Singhal told about Star Trek communicator prototype in an interview, the Mountain View-based company made one in an effort to find new ways to perform internet searches. The Star Trek communicator prototype was made thanks to Singhal’s two main obsessions: search and Star Trek. He eventually combined his two passions in the form of a mock-up wearable device similar to the one Captain Picard and his crew used to interact with the Enterprise. The Star Trek communicator prototype is a Bluetooth-enabled lapel pin that was equipped with a microphone. It could be activated with just a simple tap. After tapping the output sound through a built-in speaker (or with headphones), and would allow users to talk to Google without the need to get out their smartphones.

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