Android N is Now Android Nougat

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Android N name is finalized as Android Nougat

Google, the tech giant just announced the name of its latest mobile operating system Android N. The Android N is now Android Nougat. The announcement was made on Snapchat and Twitter. Now latest version of Android will be known as Android Nougat. The announcement comes after the company said at I/O last month that users could submit suggestions for the name online. Android lovers around the world suggested the name of Android 7. There are two things that go into naming the latest flavor of Android. First, it has to proceed alphabetically from the last version. And the second: it has to be a candy or dessert. The “K” was for 2013’s KitKat, “L” was for 2014’s Lollipop, “M” was for Marshmallow in 2015 and  now “N” is for  Nougat in 2016.

Nougat is the latest dessert-themed version of Android. The release, initially announced in March 2016 and currently on its second beta testing phase. The latest beta is almost stable version. It brings new features like an improved notification shade and split-screen multitasking to the mobile OS. The new version is also improving on features like Doze that came with Marshmallow last year. The release also has Daydream, Google’s new VR platform, baked in, though it’ll only be supported by Daydream-ready handsets running the OS.

After a months-long search for the right name for Android N, Google declared its name “Android Nougat.” But the Android lovers do not like the name. As the Nutella or Nerds was fan-favorite name. But Google does not want to use brand names. The company has taken brand name only once with Android KitKat, which required a licensing deal. Due to this reason Google just avoid the brand Names. The full features of Android Nougat keep an eye on techbyts.

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