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OnePlus 2 Marshmallow updates testing with OxygenOS 3.0

OnePlus started to soak test for latest android mobile operating system. OnePlus 2 users could soon get the Android Marshmallow update on their smartphone.  The company is currently testing the latest OS for its OxygenOS 3.0 version. After rolling out a number of software patches and fixes this year now it’s time for OxygenOS 3.0 operating system for the OnePlus 2. The new OnePlus 2 Marshmallow updates are an upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow, and all the improvements that includes.

According to some leaked reports, OxygenOS 3.0 is built on the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version. It will come with the new emojis set. The March Android security patches have also been included, which will help keep the handset secure. As you’re probably aware by now, Marshmallow features the new Doze battery management, customizable app permissions, Do Not Disturb mode, and plenty more options. Everything will be included in the OnePlus 2 Marshmallow updates. TechByts got some images of OnePlus 2 Marshmallow updates which are as below:

As well as the upgrade to the latest version of Android, OnePlus has added a few of its own tweaks into the software. There is now a slider to control notification alerts, a new widget FAB and customization options for the home screen, and a selection of new wallpapers to choose from too.  The update doesn’t appear to be rolling out far and wide just yet. OnePlus is testing for bugs before the final roll out of OxygenOS 3.0 to OnePlus 2 owners. We are edging close to a full release of latest OS. TechByts team will update you when the first OTA notification for OxygenOS 3.0 arrives.

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