OnePlus One Marshmallow updates rolling out

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OnePlus One Marshmallow updates rolling out via OTA

Yes its true folks! OnePlus has finally confirmed that OnePlus One Marshmallow updates started to roll out. The all new Cyanogen OS 13 finally out. It is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and started to roll out. Users were waiting for OnePlus One Marshmallow updates since a long time.  The latest update does not have Cyanogen Mod features. It is Cyanogen OS 13.  A member of admin department at OnePlus’ forums also announced the rollout. He said about the OnePlus One Marshmallow updates:

    Our friends over at Cyanogen have informed us that CM 13.0 (ZNH0EAS26M) based on Marshmallow will drop starting. The rollout will be staged so only some of you (random) will get it at first, and as always, patience is appreciated.

The latest OnePlus One Marshmallow updates bring a lot of changes in the operating system. Some users have already begun receiving the CM 13 OTA updates and confirmed that it is indeed CyanogenOS 13.  After the update you’ll have access to almost every Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s features which include Doze mode, granular app permissions and more. The major change log of OnePlus One Marshmallow updates are:

  • Whisperpush capability (encrypted SMS) – removed
  • Settings > About phone > Advanced mode – removed.
  • Settings > Notification Drawer > Quick Settings – removed.
  • Settings > Status bar (New controls).
  • Settings > Lockscreen > Quick unlock – removed.
  • Settings > Sim Cards > manual provisioning switch (Multisim) – removed.
  • Settings > About phone > Build date (Triple tap to access demo mode).
  • Settings > Lock screen > Owner info – replaced.
  • Settings > Memory.
  • Device specific implementations of double-tap-to-wake replaced by AOSP implementation.
  • CM implementation of silent mode replaced by AOSP implementation.
  • CM Protected apps.
  • New folder UX for viewing protected content.
  • Fingerprint support for accessing protected content.
  • Power menu ability to swap System Profiles – removed.
  • New SMS/MMS Application.
  • New permission model as in Android M.
  • Privacy Guard.
  • Snap Camera.
  • Cyanogen Apps pack is not yet available.
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OenPlus One After Updating CyanogenOS 13

According to the OnePlus the update is rolling out is incremental per usual. So you might need to wait 2 or 3 days for the latest version to hit your device. If you can’t wait for the latest OTA update to hit your device then just download it from links given below. After downloading the OTA update files install it manually. This CyanogenOS 13 update is 484 MB in size. (Incremental ZIP Download)

Official download link for the OnePlus One Marshmallow updates or CyanogenOS 13: Click here

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