Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge getting April security update in Korea

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Korean version of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge getting April security update

Samsung has begun to roll-out the latest Android Security Patch for its flagship Galaxy S7 Edge in South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge getting an update which is just 120MB. Initially assumed that it was will be the current month’s patch but we were wrong. After checking the system information details it is dated April 2nd, 2016. The carries the Baseband Version G935SKSU1APCF, Kernel Version 3.18.14-7542290 (dated Thursday March 24th) and Build Number MMB29K.G935SKSU1APCF. The latest update has tag of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

It is assumed that the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 variant also receive its April security patch update in next week. But at this moment only the Galaxy S7 Edge model confirmed to get updates. It is also likely that the country’s other two major carriers, KT and LG U+ will be receiving updates as well, if they are not already in the process. While several models of the Galaxy S7 around the world – such as those on T-Mobile in the USA – began to receive an update with the March security patch earlier in the month, the Korean models – at least the SKT S7 Edge – was still on the February patch as of this morning. It is therefore assumed that the carrier opted to skip the March patch entirely and move onto the April one instead.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge after the update

The solution for users those worried about their device’s vulnerabilities should make sure to hit the settings menu, selects “About device” and then manually check for updates. They will be lucky if get the download update option there. If there is no update available then they have to wait for the roll out. According to some sources Samsung will roll out the April security update for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in phase manner. After the success in Korea it will be rolled out rest of world.

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