Xiaomi MIUI 8 to have split-screen multitasking

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Xiaomi MIUI 8 to launch with split-screen multitasking

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech manufacture is ready to launch MIUI 8. The previous version of MIUI 7 was very polished and based on android 5.1 but it has a couple of bugs. Some of Xiaomi devices have a heating problem due to complex code. The MIUI 7 was very heavy OS and hardcore Android users are avoiding using it. Another reason was its outdated Android base. The company provides OTA updates of MIUI 7 but it doesn’t changes the android version. The flagship smartphones like MI 5 still runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Now, Xiaomi has been adding features to its heavily customized MIUI OS to gear up the devices. In the beta version of Xiaomi MIUI 8 some new features shown up.

Now Xiaomi is working hard to develop MIUI 8 by adding some cool features. The new mobile operating system will be based on latest Android 6.0.1. The company is adding a split-screen multitasking feature to the latest ROM. Xiaomi is finding workarounds to make up for its outdated Android base software by adding features available in newer Android versions.

The split-screen multitasking is not new to Android. Because Google made the feature native with the launch of its Developer Preview for Android N. Samsung has been playing around with split-screen for a few years now, especially with its Note series of phablets. This could work well with Xiaomi’s bigger devices, especially the latest Mi Max.

According to the same source, the new feature will make an appearance in later versions of the developer beta that is currently available for download. Split-screen aside, Google is also expected to debut a free form the window mode for larger tablet displays that will let users move app “windows”.

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