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LG G5 Rumors, Features and Specification

The LG G4 was launched a couple of month ago. It was representing the flagship spot of LG for 2015. Now LG has started to work for a new flagship for 2016. This post brings the LG G5 rumors and news from reliable sources. According to the LG G5 rumors the device will be launched in March or April 2016 with some unique specifications. The popular leaker Evan Blass wrote in blog post for VentureBeat. According to him The LG G5 will sport a number of interesting design changes that we didn’t really expect would be featured on LG’s first 2016 flagship.

The LG G4 was not a huge change in design over the previous flagship LG G3. But this time LG is going to bring something new. It is the rumored that the size of LG G5 decrease to 5.3-inch from 5.5-inch screen was in the LG G4. The resolution will be same 1440 x 2560 pixels. The LG G5 will feature the second screen “ticker” display from the V10. It will be place at the top of the phone is meant to display notifications such as the weather, time and date without turning on the main display. It will save the battery life. The device will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Some leak claims that the LG G5 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The device may have 4GB of DDR4 RAM and will start with 32GB on-board storage further till 128GB as like iPhone 6.  The LG G5 rumors are claiming another unique feature to have dual lens configuration on the rear panel. The main 16-megapixel camera will have a 135-degree wide angle capability. At the front LG G5 will maintain the same 8 megapixel resolution as the LG G4. The fingerprint sensor will be similar to the Google Nexus 5X. Some LG G5 rumors hinting to have an iris scanner, as retina scanner rumors have around the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Xiaomi’ Mi5 also leaked with Snapdragon 820 that is going to launch around March 2016. It will be very interesting to see that what will be in Samsung’s next flagship S7 and Sony’s Xperia Z6. It is confirmed that first quarter of 2016 will have a flagship war.

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