Alcatel OneTouch Windows 10 tablet unveiled in CES 2016

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Alcatel OneTouch Windows 10 tablet announced

Consumer Electronic Show aka CES 2016 starts this week and Alcatel OneTouch announced a new entry-level tablet running on windows 10 mobile.  Alcatel OneTouch Windows 10 tablet is named as PIXI 3. It comes with a stunning 8-inch display. The pricing and availability of Alcatel OneTouch Windows 10 tablet have yet to be announced. Alcatel is promising many features including GPS and voice call support in the “entry level” tablet. The meaning of entry level you have not to pay much to get a Windows 10 experience. Here is the official description from Alcatel:

“The first ALCATEL ONETOUCH windows 10 tablet with a Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. Tthe entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet features Windows 10 Mobile, optimized for tablets.  It offers customization through Color Skins and Flip Stand covers. Other hot features are TV remote control, voice-call enablement, GPS, and front and rear cameras.”

Along with the Alcatel OneTouch Windows 10 tablet the company also showcasing its new watch for Children named as CareTime. It’s a GPS tracking device that lets parents stay connected to their kids remotely. Parents can call or send voice messages to their kids by using the watch. Kids can reply to calls from up to 10 pre-set contacts and make calls to five registered numbers. It has an amazing battery backup which lasts up to four days. It comes in two color combination sky blue and orange.  The CareTime watch features a companion app which notifies parents if their kids enter or leave a predetermined safe zone. The companion app is compatible with Apple’s iOS 7 or above and Android 4.3 or above. The first watch will be available in April 2016 in Europe and Latin America.

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