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Bing Search Share Cross 20 Percent Mark in US

Microsoft search engine Bing search share is growing slowly-slowly. Google is known as search engine giant and have monopoly in both desktop and mobile search. But Bing search share is also growing from last six months. When we look at the desktop search engine study Bing search share is 20.1 percent. Which is finally breaks the 20 percent mark. It is more than as it was 19.8 percent in February. Yahoo’s search share dipped from 12.8 percent to 12.7 percent in this period. And Google remained on Number one with a 64.4 percent score. But Google’s search share also dipped 0.1 percentage whereas Bing managed to get growth of 0.3 percentage. ComScore, the company who is responsible for data analysis presented their report. According to this report Bing search share is now growing.

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Finally Microsoft’s search engine Bing successfully managed the Number two ranking in US. Yahoo’s search market share in US is currently 12.7 percent. It was boosted in last few months by its deal with Firefox. From last few months Firefox has replaced their default search engine Google to Yahoo. By this deal Yahoo’s desktop search share is growing globally. Google’s is 0.1 percentage down from last month. And it is surprising because the search volumes of the entire major search engines going upwards. The noticeable point is that Google’s desktop search market share has fallen from 67.5% in March 2014 to 64.4% in March 2015. But still Google is the King. Let’s see what happen in near future.

As Bing and Yahoo has partnership in search engine market. Thus the final reach of Bing search share is nearly 33 percent. For more web news stay tuned with Techbyts.

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