Google Android Chips to be developed soon

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Google Android chips are being developed

Good Morning folks! The tech giant Google is ready to develop their own android chips. According to some reports Google Android chips will be in market in Q2 of 2016.  Google is expressing interest in co-developing Android chips based on its own designs. The Google Android chips will be similar to the Apple. The iPhone Ax chip designed by Apple but manufactured by companies like Samsung. Just like that Google wants to bring its own expertise and consistency to the Android system.

It is assumed that Google android chips will be developed by Qualcomm, which is well known chip developer. Qualcomm produces some of the top Android smartphone chips using its own technology. The Qualcomm Snapdragon series is most popular in 80% flagship android smartphones. But still Google did not respond to a request for comment on this.

Google’s desire to build an “enterprise connectivity device” it may be the Pixel C laptop-tablet hybrid device. This hybrid device was announced in September 2015 which was wholly on Google’s in-house technology. Google is discussing the possibility of designing its own smartphone chip right now. One benefit of Google’s strategy would be the ability to bake in cutting edge features into future versions of Android. These features like support for augmented and virtual reality, that would require more closely integrated software and hardware.

It will be very difficult for Google to find a partner from the pool of low-cost Android manufacturers. It is possible that the partner may not be able to produce the highest-quality chips capable of powering high-end smartphones. Still there is other possibilities like chip makers don’t agree to use Google designs or terms. But Google is ready to develop own smartphone chips. The next Nexus line will use only  Google Android chips. – Team TechByts 🙂

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