Google Drive 2GB free storage offer on Safer Internet Day

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Google Drive 2GB free storage offer available till 11th February.

Google, the tech giant is offering 2GB of free storage on Google Drive. The company has decided to celebrate Safer Internet Day. That’s why company is giving away Google Drive 2GB free storage. Google wants users to review their Google account’s security settings and after the security check up completed, they will be rewarded with Google Drive 2GB free storage. Google has given this offer last year to its users. And now it becomes an annual tradition. Users who go through a brief account security checkup will get additional storage beyond their 15GB. This free giveaway of Google Drive storage is valid only for today. According to the Google’s official blog:

Today is Safer Internet Day, a moment for technology companies, nonprofit organizations, security firms, and people around the world to focus on online safety, together. To mark the occasion, we’re rolling out new tools, and some useful reminders, to help protect you from online dangers of all stripes—phishing, malware, and other threats to your personal information. And if you complete the Security Checkup by February 11, you’ll get 2GB of extra Google Drive storage.

Google ran the same promotion last year on the Safer Internet Day. Normally this type of promotions expires after a year but Google has not placed any limits on the bonus storage. If you claimed the offer last year, still you can avail this offer again. To claim your Google Drive 2GB free storage you have to follow below steps:

  1. Visit Google’s account security checkup by clicking here
  2. Login in your Google Account.
  3. Check your recovery information.
  4. Check your recent security events.
  5. Check your connected devices.
  6. Check your account permissions.
  7. Check your 2-Step Verification settings.
  8. That’s it. You will find a message to get your Google Drive 2GB free storage.

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Source: Google’s Official Blog

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