Google Station is big step towards Digital India

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Google Station will be the next big step towards Digital India

In India, a majority of the population still doesn’t have access to proper internet. Indian telecom companies trying to provide internet services at affordable price. But still the price is a big challenge. The price war of internet begun by the launch of Reliance Jio. Now internet is slowly reaching every corner of the nation. The recent launch of Digital India program is one of the key factors that has given this a boost. Google for India is program by Google to provide Free WiFi services across India. Google is doing good and announced an official partnership with RailTel to offer free Wi-Fi access on major railway stations last year.

Today at the second edition of Google for India, the company gave us the report card and it looks quite positive. Since the launch 52 railway stations now offering free Wi-Fi to public. Google announced a new platform called Google Station. This aims at extending public Wi-Fi to places such as malls, schools, restaurants, shops and more. Google seeks to partner with these location and venue owners so they can work with Google to set up efficient and easy to access Wi-Fi. Google will handle all the installation and setup, the location owners will get an option to monetize Google Station hotspots by including an access charge and offer ads or just keep them free.

Regular source of income to encourage more venue owners to set up public Wi-Fi as Google Station. It will attract more customers in need of the internet. The owner will get a chance to advertise themselves as well as earn extra income for letting people use their Wi-Fi. It will also improve the public Wi-Fi scenario in the country as currently cafes, food joints and other places offer limited and unreliable internet access. Google station is the future of Public Wi-Fi in India.

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