Google to Launch Android One Device under INR 3,000 in India

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Google’s low priced Android One smartphone will be launched soon in India

Google, the tech giant is thinking about low price android one smartphones. According to a leaked email of a Google representative Rajan: “Google is looking to launch a $50 phone in the next few years.” As you are aware a new Android One phone was just launched by Lava. Google is planning to launch own new smartphones in low price segment. Google has plans to revamp the Android One platform in India. The company reportedly plans to launch INR 3,000 Android device as a part of Google’s massive investment push into India’s internet market and Make in India program.

Rajan Anandan, Google Managing Director, India and Southeast Asia said:
[pull_quote_center]The much-hyped mobile standard has “not delivered to expectations” but has plans for a reboot which would be revealed in “the next few years”. Google wants to target the “sweet spot” in India’s cost-conscious smartphone market by launching a device that is priced between INR 2,000 and INR 3,000. [/pull_quote_center]

According to the some leaked reports Google faced challenges in India. For example, Google’s product YouTube and Maps require fast connections to work effectively on mobile devices yet, the country is marked by slow bandwidth. The main focus of Google is on the Indian low-range smartphone industry. Google wants to capture the Indian low range segment market. It will be interesting to see the new price war in low-range smartphones.
Google unveiled the Android One initiative last year with three smartphones. India hasn’t seen an explosive growth as far as Android One handsets are concerned, and this ‘zero rating’ data usage for some applications might just improve the situation. Zero rating data usage means that certain apps will not be charged any data rates in your monthly bill cycle and it will not consume any data from data-plans which you may have purchased. For more news about android and Google stay tuned with tech-byts. 🙂

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