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iPhone Popularity in Europe is increasing as compared to Android Smartphones

Apple’s latest iPhone popularity is increasing continuously. iPhone 6 is continue in high demand after half a year. Apple iPhone is leading the market share in European countries. And android is trailing Apple’s iPhone. But still android is the most popular smartphone operating system in Europe. The design and looking is attracting user towards iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In Q1 of 2015, Apple claimed 20.3 percent of the European smartphone market. It is 1.8 percentage points increase over last year Q1. During the first quarter of the 2015, Apple’s 32.4 percent of new customers were android users.

Android is also facing competition from Windows Phone. Microsoft’s windows phone market share is grew by 1.8 percentage points per year. Now it has been reached to 9.9 percent market share in Q1 2015. Google’s android operating system is 68.4 percent market share in Europe. It is decreasing 3.1 percentage points per year. Android is still the leading choice for European consumers after losing iPhone and Windows Mobile. Consumers have more options at different price points in android compared to the competitor. Right now no competitor can truly challenge Android’s market share. This report is focused on the five largest European markets France, Germany, Great Britain (UK), Italy and Spain.

In Britain (UK) iPhone popularity is increasing. Around 25.6 percent of iPhone buyers switched from Android during this quarter. But android’s leadership remains strong due to the price and device options. Apple iPhone market share increase in UK, while android market share increased in Spain. Apple iPhone popularity is decreasing in France. Apple devices are losing most market share in France and for android it is Germany. In Asia, iPhone popularity is strong in China and India. In China, iPhones gained market share from Android.

But Apple is losing ground in US and Japan. In US, android market share is grown up 0.2 percentages, while iPhones are down by same amount. Now In US android total market share is 58.1 percent and Apple’s market share is 36.5. In Japan iPhone popularity is falling down. Here iPhone is down 12.5 percentage, while android is up 10.2 percentage in market share.

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