Lenovo rebranding Motorola for smartphones as Moto

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Lenovo rebranding Motorola as Moto in Smartphones

At CES 2016 Lenovo announced that their company will be phasing out the Motorola brand name. After the acquisition of Motorola from Google in 2014, now Lenovo rebranding Motorola. The famous brand name Motorola is disappearing from smartphones. But it doesn’t mean that the Motorola is dead. Motorola smartphones will still be in production but now have only M-brand symbol. These devices will also have Lenovo’s branding and iconography. Rick Osterloh, Chief Operating Officer of Motorola confirmed in CES 2016 that the Motorola brand will be phased out this year. Lenovo will use the Moto name for its high-end smartphones, and the Vibe brand for budget devices.

Lenovo rebranding Motorola as Moto and its future focus on the Moto and Vibe brands. The company has explained everything in a blog post. Lenovo says that while the “Motorola” company brand will be taking a backseat in favor of Moto going forward. Motorola Mobility is not going anywhere. It will remain as the driving force behind the engineering and design work for Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group. The company has led to the decision to focus on “Moto” as the company’s primary brand. According to the blog post:

    Now, as we have to think more holistically about our entire smartphone portfolio, we’ve made the decision to focus our marketing efforts on “Moto” and “Vibe” as our hero smartphone product brands globally. At the same time we are not abandoning the iconic Motorola brand. Although it will not be the focus of our marketing, it will continue to be used on packaging and elsewhere, so as to ensure that the rich history and association is never lost. The legacy and the goodwill associated with the Motorola brand will also live on through our licensees.

The company says about the Lenovo rebranding Motorola that it will now leverage the Lenovo brand as a way to tie together the Vibe and Moto brands in one product ecosystem. This rebranding is a change in marketing strategy, not a change in product design or development. Motorola was a big name in computer industry mobility in 2000’s. The company’s Razr Flip was very successful phone in era of 2005.

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Source: Motorola Blog


  1. Motorola was a big name in computer and mobile industry in mid-2000’s But now the famous Motorola name is disappearing. It’s sad news. Hope it will achieve its place again.

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