Lenovo Windows 10 PC Comes without bloatware

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Promise by Lenovo Windows 10 PC comes without bloatware.

After the disastrous Superfish ad-ware lenovo windows 10 pc, laptop and tablet will be sold with less bloatware. Chinese manufacturer Lenovo announced today that it will stop shipping PCs with adware and bloatware. Lenovo is planning to get rid out from this adware. The company will scale back pre-installed software. Its systems will include the operating system any necessary drivers, software to make the hardware work. It will also include some Lenovo applications like Think Vantage System Update software. Which is a useful app for updating system drivers, system firmware and security software. There should no longer be any Superfish type adware for customers. New machines will be based on very clean system.

 TechByts get the news from lenovo officials that the new lenovo windows 10 machines will be sold without or less bloatware. As per lenovo:

[pull_quote_center]We have worked with partners to create tools and update antivirus programs to eliminate Superfish software. No ThinkPads, desktops, tablets, smartphones will be infected. Our goal is clear: To become the leader in providing cleaner, safer, secure PCs.[/pull_quote_center]

Lenovo has been started working immediately on this issue. And by time of launch lenovo Windows 10 products, It will include only the operating system and related software. Company will not providing any other software. The company also announces a free 6 month subscription of the McAfee LiveSafe security suite for the Superfish-affected users. The company is also going to publish a full list of applications and codes installed on its computers. So that users are fully aware of what comes preloaded onto their new laptops.

The company also says that it will be continuously seeking user feedback about what software should and shouldn’t be installed.

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