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Galaxy S6 in Japan will be sold without Samsung’s name and logo.

Samsung has taken shocking decision by removing its company name from Galaxy S6 in Japan. According to internal sources Samsung will sold Galaxy S6 in Japan without their name. Company is ready to sell its latest flagship Galaxy S6 in Japan but without the name “Samsung”. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sold as – “The Galaxy S6”. In online promotional material of device there is no mention of the company name. Also the devices will not carry Samsung logo. The new Galaxy S6 in Japan will be called either “Docomo Galaxy” or “au Galaxy”. These names will refer the carriers that support the device.

Samsung’s marketing team think the Galaxy brand has been well established in Japan.  At present Samsung is struggling in smartphone business. Due to this reason Samsung decided to establish the Galaxy brand name. The great success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devastated the Samsung’s profits.  At present Apple has the position of biggest smartphone seller in the world. This position was held by Samsung since 2011. Japan is historically a weak market for Samsung, but it slipped further in 2014. Samsung’s market share of sales fell down more than 15%. The total smartphone sell share is around 5%. Samsung market share is dropping around the world. In India Samsung also lose their number one position. In USA, Apple is king. In European countries like UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy Samsung’s market share in total sell is falling slightly.

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A report was published in February by Business Korea. According to the report Samsung was considering pulling out their business from Japan entirely. Because Samsung reportedly making a loss on its presence in the country. Samsung also decided to pull its TV business out of Japan due to poor sales.

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