Snapdeal rebrand its identity: New Logo New Slogan

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Snapdeal rebrand itself with new campaign: Unbox Zindagi

Snapdeal is India’s third largest e-commerce company after and Flipkart. Snapdeal is struggling for its customer base after the new players in e-commerce market. Today, Snapdeal has announced the launch of its new brand identity. Yes! It’s true. Snapdeal rebrands its identity. According to the company new positioning is about recognizing the real needs of the users and understanding that each purchase is not just a transaction, but an opportunity to upgrade to a better life. Snapdeal rebrands its logo and slogan. Now the new tagline is: “Unbox Zindagi”.

According to the Snapdeal new brand identity will focus on the lives, dreams and aspirations of the consumers. Snapdeal new brand identity has been rolled out at all touch points, website, m-site, app and through all brand communication. A campaign, with the new brand identity is also appearing in all digital media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. With new brand image the company is finding out their position in e-commerce market. Snapdeal is also offering Unbox Zindagi reward at their website.

Kunal Bahl, Co-founder and CEO at Snapdeal highlights the philosophy behind the brand re-positioning: “India is transforming rapidly and millions of Indians believe that the best days of their lives are ahead of them. Their aspirations and desires are based not on where they come from but where they can reach. Snapdeal will be the platform that will enable users to unlock their aspirations. That is why we are moving the narrative to the users and to their desire to upgrade to a better life. With this new positioning, we also focus on the next phase of our growth, as we seek to engage with the next 100 million online shoppers from all parts of an increasingly connected India.”

The new Snapdeal brand story has been put together by Prasoon Joshi and his team at McCann conceived and executed the “Unbox Zindagi” campaign. Prasoon Joshi is Asia Pacific Chairman, CEO & Chief Creative Officer India at McCann Worldgroup. He said that “The concept of this communication is Unbox Zindagi i.e When a ‘boxed’ existence is opened up, it unleashes great human potential. It urges one to go ahead and free a world full of dreams and hopes. The brand belief is that the best is yet to happen, the extraordinary is yet to come and history is waiting to be written by you.”

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