When 5G will come in India?

On today’s page, we will discuss the 5G network in India. When will 5G come to India? Which company will bring 5G first? What will be the speed of 5G? These are all discussed below

There are three popular companies in India. Namely-

  • 1) Jio
  • 2) Airtel
  • 3) Vodafone

 Jio company will come up with the first 5G network. 5G technology is advancing very fast in India. Jio company has already started 5G texting. Airtel and Vodafone are still working behind 5G technology. A few days ago there was a lot of development in 5G technology. Here 5G action and 5G bands have been developed. The biggest news is that action has been launched in India. It is estimated that a 5G network will be available in India by 2022.

Government Order on 5G action in India:

Companies will not be able to trial by 5G action. the Indian government did not order the companies to launch 5G action but allowed 5G action to be launched in August 2021. So Jio company was the first to launch 5G action and the 5G trial was also successful. The government has not yet given permission for commercial testing. So the companies will not be able to do 5G testing in any city or any other place. So they will be able to do trial in their own company.
You may have seen many videos of 5G speed on the internet, such as jio, airtel, Vodafone’s speed 1GBPS, these videos are the trail of 5G speed in their company.

Jio 5G testing:

Jio has now secretly started 5G testing in Mumbai. Jio has not officially released any details about 5G technology but has said a few things, such as jio. Jow the mmWave has started trial testing and has shown 1Gbps maximum internet speed. Besides Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm have partnered with these companies. Jio said it will launch a 5G equipment made in India.

Airtel 5G testing:

Airtel has openly discussed its 5G testing, showing a demo of 5G speed, telling people that 5G speed is being tested, also Airtel company says that you can do clouding gaming in 5G. Basic level toll cloud gaming has been made only for mobile, high or heavy gaming.

Vodafone 5G testing:

Vodafone has started its 5G testing with Nokia. Vodafone showed mmWave (3.7Gbps) technology demo. So far Vodafone has shown the highest 5G speed of 3.7 Gbps while Jio has shown 1 Gbps.
Now the real question is – now that the 5G mobiles are available in the market, will they support these frequencies or bands?
A few days ago when 5G testing was not started in India, there were fewer bands in the phones but now there are many more bands being used in the ones that are being launched (7 bands, 10 bands,13 bands, 19 bands in iPhone 13 Mobile series). In This case, when you buy a phone, the more bands there are in that phone, the more chances of 5G support in India. There is no specific news yet that 5G bands will be launched in India. It used to be difficult to get a 5G network if any of the bands used to be 1,2 bands outside India.

Date of arrival of 5G in India.

If 5G action is taken in February 2022, then jio will be the first to bring a 5G network 6 months after 5Gaction. It is estimated that 5G will come to India by August-October 2022.
Jio is secretly working on 5G. Jio will be the first to bring 5G, Jio’s speed will be better than the other company. 5G recharge plan will be cheaper. 5G coverage area will be more. 5G will not need to get a new sim card. 4G sim will work. All the 4G jio towers in India are connected by fiber-optic cable. Whenever you replace the 5G cards, the 4G towers will become 5G. No separate tower is required for 5G. These can take 6 months to 1 year to do. This means that by 2023, 5G will be available everywhere in India. The speed of the 5G network will be many times more than the 4G speed. 4G and 5G will be available on these two networks and both broadband speed and mobile data speed will increase. With the advent of 5G, much cheaper 5G phones will also be available. This is a detailed discussion about 5G in India. Thank you so much for reading…

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