Apple A15 vs Snapdragon 888+

Introduction :

Apple A15 is only for the ios ecosystem but snapdragon 888+ is only for Android Phones. Let See the full comparison between A15 and 888+.

Launch date :

13th September 2021, Still, now Snapdragon 888+ is the fastest processor in any Android and ios smartphone in the world. on the other hand apple, a 15 bionic will come in 2021. when it will launch it will absolutely beet the Snapdragon 888+ then it will be the fastest processor. 

CPU Fabrication Process :

A15 will 5 nm fabrication base technology. on the other hand, 888+ is the 5 nm fabrication technology. so A15 will be more battery power efficiency in comparison to Snapdragon 888+. 

 CPU Comparison :

Let’s talk about the CPU. A15 will the 20% faster than the Apple A14 Bionic chip. Same like 888+ is the 15 to 20% more powerful full processor than snapdragon 888 Qualcomm snapdragon 888+ and apple A15 those are 6 core high-speed CPU. Snapdragon 888+ Boost Clock Speed 3 GHz but A15 Clock Speed 3.9 GHz. those are based on a 64-bit CPU.

Display :

the display is the most important for a processor. here A 15 and 888+ are supported 4k display with 60Hz AMOLED  display. 

5G Modem:

These two processors are coming on a 5G modem with Bluetooth 5.2 and wi-fi 6 supported and NFC is common.


Camera support is the most important part of a processor. those are 8K 60 fps supported processors with better image processing and better stabilization and shutter speed. 

Antutu Score :

Snapdragon 888+ Antutu score more than 7 lakhs. Apple A15 Antutu score is 839675. A15 chipset coming on iPhone 13 series ( iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max).


According to lick news, Apple already announced that they are ordered 100 million units of 15 bionic chips. over all now Snapdragon is the fastest processor in the world and when A15 will be launched then it will be the fastest. Snapdragon 888+ is more power full than Exynos and kirin chipset and A15 is more power full than Snapdragon chipset.

Successor Comparison :

Snapdragon 888+ is the successor of 888 and A15 will be the successor of the A14 Bionic chip by 20% more than power.

Result :

Final result some cases snapdragons are winning and in some cases, Apple A15 are won so there are no clear winners between these two processors. 

Collection :

when A15 will be launch, we will see more information about A15 Bionic Chipset from Apple.

Processor Apple A15 Snapdragon 888+
CPU fabrication process 5 nm 5 nm
CPU Arcitucture 64 Bit 64 Bit
GPU Core 6 (2+4) core (1+3+2) Core
Cache Memory 32 ?
Transistors 15 Billions ?
Ram Support LPDDR4X,
@2133 MHz
@2750 MHz
Geek Bench Score Single core-1723
Multi core-4320
Single core-1193
Multi core-3744
AI 15.8 TOPS 32 TOPS
Video Recording 4k 60 fps 8k 30 fps
4k 60 fps

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