What is Air Charging Technology?

Air Charging: In the world of technology, we see new discoveries in dance. And when something is suddenly discovered, I wonder if it could happen again? Here I am going to talk about the invention which is air charging. That means the mobile phones will be charged through the air without any cable. We have used wire charging, fast wired charging, wireless charging, fast wireless charging in our daily life, but in the future, the world of technology is going to come with air charging. There are basically two companies coming up with this technology, one is Xioami And the other is Lenovo but the concept of the two companies is a little different.

If you look at Xiaomi’s vision, then there will be a speaker in the room, that is the base station from where your phone will be charged as soon as you enter the room within the specified limits. Moreover, the smart lamp, smart speaker, smart bulb in the room will be charged through air charging. Here are the base stations where five interference antennas will help you locate your device. Then there are the 144 beans 14 antennas that can transform millimeter waves to form a beam because the beans can reach a particular device. Then two antennas arrays are psychically placed inside the device. One is the beacon that automatically connects between the base station and the mobile. The other is the 14 antennas that convert the millimeter waves that are usually emitted into electric power. And when you enter the room our mobile will automatically start charging which will be limited. In meters. Its charging speed is 5W. Hearing this makes you feel much slower as there is a 65W charging current. But if you look, Apple would have given 5W chargers 2 years ago. But in case of air charging, 5W and many reasons your phone will be constantly charged and you will be able to work without wasting any time, moreover, it is also good for your battery as it will constantly charged without any hassle. It remains to be seen how far Xiaomi can improve this technology.

Now let’s come to the concept of Lenovo. Lenovo named this concept Motorola 1 Hyper. There will be a charging state in the room from where it will start charging if you keep the device within 80-100 cm. But if there is any obstacle in this, then charging will stop and when the obstacle is removed, it will start charging. it will be in a completely different way.

It’s not that we’ve heard these ideas before, but we’ve seen the real-life demo. Xiaomi and Lenovo have not yet made it clear when it will be available, but it is expected to be available later this year or early next year in 2022 on some smartphones.

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