Ryzen Upcoming GPU and CPU | Ryzen 9 6000x, 6700x

Today we will discuss the upcoming RYZEN 6 series processors.

Such as RYZEN 9 6600x and 6700x Radeon Graphics used in today’s RYZEN processors. But the upcoming RYZEN processor will use Radeon 2 graphics. The news is available from the information that was hacked by Gigabyte Company.

A few days ago NVIDIA was making cryptocurrency for mining. But this time AMD and cryptocurrency will make a graphic card for mining. Some news has been received from Vietnam. Going by this news that there was a picture of a Radeon 2 base graphics card leaked. In that picture, there was no port for display outputs. There was no active cooling system. The picture made of plastic had 28 degrees C written on it.

From here it is known that  AMD is making dedicated graphic cards.

The NVIDIA  CEO said that the problem of GPU supply will remain in 2021. It could even last until mid-2022. Meanwhile, just as intel will bring out the CPU of the advanced mind, AMD will not stay behind. 

Upcoming AMD PROCESSORS WILL USE 3D V cache technology.

  • structural silicon
  • 64 MB L3 cache die.
  • copper to copper direct connections or bonds
  • TSVs ( Through Silicon Vias ) IT is used for silicon to silicon communication.
  • Up to 8 core Zen 3, CCD will be used.
  • This will launch a packing breakthrough for High-Speed Performance Computing

All this technology will be used in AMD’s graphic card.

RYZEN 6 series processors will be 7 nm technology with 16 core and 24 threats.

These processors will have high power efficiency. And gaming fps will be more smooth and Graphics will a game-changer.

Let’s talk about ram support- DDR5 RAM will be support and PCL 5 Gen SSD will support in their motherboard. It will beat the intel i9 12th gen CPU. Still now RYZEN 9 5950 is the most powerful processor from RYZEN. its single-core benchmark is 1691 and Multi-core is 16723.

And intel i9 12th gen is the most powerful form of Intel processors. Its single-core benchmark is 1893 and its multi-core benchmark is 17299. 

But when RYZEN 9 6000 series will come to its break all records in single-core and multi-core score.

When RYZEN 9 6th series will launch we will provide the all information.


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