Android apps in Windows 11

When Microsoft Windows was launched, it was said that the android app will run directly on the computer, laptop. Windows 11 launched. But the android apps are still not going to be used in windows 11. Available in Windows beta version. Windows 11 may come up with a stable update for android app usage next year.

Beta version of the android app running the game, testing everything, I will discuss everything with you in this post. Let’s get started.

First, let’s discuss when did the android app features in windows 11 come out? Its features have not yet been given in the stable update. But we are loading side, testing everything.

Any android app can be downloaded in Windows 11. These cannot be installed by double-clicking while installing. To install these you need to run and install some computer commands. It is very easy for those who know how to run a little command but it becomes a difficult one for those who are normal users. Here sideload apps can also be run.

When using the android app windows 11, these apps will not run in any emulator. These will work like normal windows apps. Intel has used brist technology for this. Let’s find out, how do the apps work?

When an android app is downloaded and installed, the code of the android app is converted to windows. And after installing the app runs in windows.

Intel brist technology has been used in the case of Intel, so the apps are running well. In the case of AMD, also different customized has been done. But not as good as Intel.

Once installed, the apps are opened by double-clicking. Like Windows apps, they also open in a small window. Android apps are not yet using drag and drop and copy-paste. These can also be done in the coming days.

Just as the android app runs in Windows, so does Apple’s app. When the apps are running, how much ram is being used, CPU clock speed, power consumption can all be tracked.

The Google service is not available while running apps in Windows 11. That’s why Google’s apps do not work well in windows. Google, YouTube, Gmail, Playstore crash. But Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter are very good and smooth. And some small games like – angry birds, temple runs are also played.

Android 11’s setting and its image can be seen in windows. I saw geek bench scores run in Windows 11, it was going very well. If you open many apps at once, the computer will hang. The task manager’s clock speed is getting much higher. I installed Antutu, but it crashed while running. These problems will be fixed in the future.

Windows 11 has no UI for mobile. Some apps are running very well and some apps are crashing. The apps that have been taken from the Amazon app store are working very well. As discussed here, they have not yet arrived in India. These are all available to us. It is likely to come to India next year.

Running the android app in Windows 11 is a lot of fun. Apps do not run in any emulator here. These are the same as the Windows apps, running in the windows operating system.

But there are still many apps that do not support it.
Heavy games like Pubg are not going to play. But hopefully in the future will be better customized. This is where I finished running windows 11 and the android app. Thank you …,

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