AMOLED ( Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode ) Screen VS IPS LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display )

Introduction: When buying a display, the question that comes to mind is whether they will choose AMOLED SCREEN or IPS LCD SCREEN, what is the difference between them, which screen is better for playing games or watching videos. These questions come to everyone’s mind.

Difference between AMOLED VS LCD: First of all it can be said that the main difference between AMOLED SCREEN and LCD SCREEN is that the light of LCD SCREEN spreads from one source below to all parts of the screen. But on the AMOLED SCREEN, the light from the following multiple sources spreads everywhere.

PROS AND CONS: There are some favorable and unfavorable conditions between AMOLED SCREEN and LCD SCREEN. First of all, it can be said that LCD SCREEN has GIP which has only one life source which is very easy to make, therefore the smartphone or displays that use LCD SCREEN are very cheap in price. And its further advantage is that if the LCD SCREEN goes bad, it can be replaced very easily. The white color is brighter in LCD SCREEN.

On the other hand, if we talk about AMOLED Screen, then, first of all, we have to say that it is very expensive. As it is a screen individual LED, it cost more to manufacture it, so it costs more. It can be easily turned on and off to be AMOLED individual-led. This that where there is black color, it looks completely black. But LCD SCREEN, when the light comes from a single source, the black color is shown as gray instead of Black.

AMOLED PROS: To be AMOLED individual LED, the light is turned on at the place of brightness or color, where there is black, the light is turned off, which creates a different power. Another advantage of AMOLED is that it is not too thick. AMOLED Screen is thinner than LCD has a fingerprint sensor on the screen, ao the brightness can cover as much space as you want and the tumble can capture perfectly, which is not possible on an LCD.

LCD CONS: Nowadays it is heard that fingerprint sensor is also coming in IPS LCD but it has not come yet. it is already in AMOLED, Another disadvantage of IPS LCD is that the contrast in the color is not so good, but regular users do not understand it. But if you watch the multimedia video, then contract ratios color will look good on that AMOLED, it will not look good on LCD. Those that have good IPS panels do not have any problems but if a manufacturing company uses cheap panels then the sidelight glide on the IPS LCDs. But this is not seen in AMOLED SCREEN.

AMOLED CONS: The problem with AMOLED Screen is that if the individual led goes bad, the colors in the same place become dirty to turn off the diode. if seen in 1-2 places, the whole screen becomes bad. And AMOLED is very expensive to replace. Generally speaking, the life span of AMOLED is much less than that of IPS LCD. But it is not that it will get worth it in 1-2 years. Another thing is that AMOLED also has a cheap panel. Some companies use cheap panels to save money. This is why the rainbow effect can be seen from the side of AMOLED.

Now the question is which person will use LCD SCREEN and which person will use AMOLED SCREEN and which person will use AMOLED SCREEN? In my opinion, if you have more money then choose AMOLED SCREEN. Because it is also beneficial for your eyes.

BEST FOR GAMERS: If you are a gamer then you can choose IPS LCD SCREEN because color has no role here. But if you watch a multimedia video or something over all over again and the color is very important to you then you can definitely go for AMOLED SCREEN. Not only this, if you are out of the house then AMOLED SCREEN can be seen in a very good way which is not seen in LCD SCREEN for some issues.

But I will not say that AMOLED SCREEN is the best but above all judging that it is better to take AMOLED SCREEN than IPS LCD. if you have money.

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