Drone Flying Rule in 2022

At first, let’s know what is a drone?

it is a powerful full flying machine. we are set a camera in the drone and collected any data secretly from the sky. 

Introduction :

Drown flies are not allowed for all users. if you want to fly a drone then you have a license. but these rules are not for every type of drone. it only for a heavy power full drone. You can’t fly drones in local areas like anyone’s home or any population density area. or you can’t collect any private data of any kind of things. To know all rules at first you need to know all types of drones. Let’s know the Types of drones…

Type of Drone  :

There are three types of drones:

  • Nano drones
  • Microdrones or Small drone
  • Medium drones or Large drones
1) Nano Drones: These drone’s weights are under 250 g. and if you want to fly this type of drone then no license is needed to fly. these are available to fly for everyone. It’s are available in the offline market and online market. but you can’t fly any population density area or any others home. it is illegal for the government. You only can fly empty places, file, and use for your video recording and any personal work.
2)Micro and Small Drones: Microdrone’s weight is more than 250 g but under 2kg. and Small drone weight more than 2 kg but under 25 kg. if you want to fly this type of drone then you must have a license. you can’t fly without a license. these types of drones are not allowed for any people it’s only can use for government. 
3) Medium and Large Drones: Medium drones are more than 25 kg but under 150 kg. and Large Drones are more than 150 kg. To fly large or medium is needed, drone pilot. these are not for common people it can only use government. it is used for any kind of rescue work. 
Let’s know about the drone license:
There are two types of license :
  • Student Pilot License
  • Remote Pilot License 

1) Student License: this is a paid version by government authorized training organization. the License will be renewed after 2 years.  

2) Pilot License: this license is provided by DGCA with 10 years of validity. this is the professional pilot training license. after this paid course you can fly any type of drone.

warning :

if you are a normal person and fly small, medium, large drone without a license then you will be arrested by government or if you do not agree on government drone rule then you will be arrested all information are collected form India today drones rule. different rules in different countries it is only for Indians. if you can see any other countries rule then you will see the other rule. 

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