How to Use GPU For Bitcoin Mining?

What is Mining: Hope everybody knows about Bitcoin. There are more such coins like a lite coin, ethereum, dogecoin, etc. these are cryptocurrencies that have no specific banking system, no centralized. All decentralize exchange. Simply put, these currencies are not manipulated by anyone. these are man-made digital currencies. Controls together. this means that there is no authority to exchange them. For example, we have normal currency for example dolor, rupees (For India), we have government to control our currencies, we have banks. But there is nothing specific for digital currencies so there is no one to control their transactions. All of them have transaction control. Now the question is who does these transactions? These transactions those who do these transactions are called cryptocurrency miners. this process is what we call cryptocurrency mining.

What is GPU Mining: When a cryptocurrency transaction takes place, such as when someone is sending Bitcoin to another, they charge a certain amount of fees called transaction fees. these transactions are not controlled or completed by anyone. These computations require high computing power to run. At this time, those who are mining bitcoin or miners help to do these with the power of their own computer. and provides the power to shoot transactions using the GPU power of one’s own computer at home. and some of the money from this transaction fee goes to the minors. For example, a person who is now sending bit 100 bitcoin, will get something less($ 99. something). This is a fee that is deducted and given to the minors. And the minors read this fee and transfer it to their own bank. Heavy computer GPU power is required to run this whole system.

To do this, a lot of people are now buying a lot of GPU together and mining bitcoin with power supply, and earning a lot of money. In a word, the heavy computer GPU power that is required during cryptocurrency transactions, the minors give power supply to their computer sitting at home and earn a lot of money.

problems with Gpu Mining: currently there are many problems with GPU mining such as those who play gaming, those who just want to buy a graphic card for playing games, and those who want to buy a graphic card for video editing are not getting it. Because a lot of big people are buying a large number of graphic cards and using bitcoin for mining. Due to which online and offline shops are not available anywhere in stock. And the price of GPU is rising too…..

Now the question is how much money can be earned? There is no set limit for making money here. You can earn as much money as you have GPU.

Here I will discuss how much money can be earned with a graphic. For example Graphic card RTX 1650. If you have an RTX 1650 graphic card, I will do something on average. If you have RTX 1660, 3060, 3080, 3090, you can make a lot more money from it.

From 1650 all day you can earn 250-300 (Indian rupees). 8000 to 9000 if calculated per month. that means you can earn 1 lakh rupees a year.

$ 5 per day and 150 per month, and around $ 2000 per year,

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