Intel i9 12th gen CPU | Benchmarks Score | Single core, Multicore

Here we are talking about Intel’s latest processor Intel i9 12th gen ( i9 12900K).
Intel i9 12th gen processors will launch in September 2021. 

Intel i9 12th gen has some benchmarks and comparison leaks. Let’s talk about some leaks news which calls Intel Aider Lake Core i9 12900K leaked Benchmarks Score.
Intel i9 12th gen benchmark single-core score is 1893.
Let’s do some comparison ( single-core score )

  • Core i9 12900K – 1893 points
  • Core i9 11900K – 1856 points
  • Core i7 11900K – 1707 points
  • Ryzen 9 5950X – 1691 points

i9 12900K Multicore core score is 17299. Now we are comparing some Multicore scores. 

  • Core i9 12900K – 17299 points
  • Ryzen 9 5950X  –  16723 points
  • Ryzen 9 5900X  –  14142 points
  • Core i9 11900K – 10997 points

It can be seen from here that i9 is also leading in the 12th gen multicore score. Core i9 12th gen processors 11 faster than AMD in single-core and 4% faster than Multicore.

Upcoming Intel i9 12th gen processors who hybrid architecture. There will be 16 cores-based CPUs. And these 16 cores will be divided into 2 parts. ( 8 Core + 8 Core ) which call 8P and 8E. 

8P and 8E: 8 core for High-Speed Performance. And will be used for heavy tasks on the external Screen. And 8E will control The background work. And it will use less battery. this 8E core is the more power-efficient core. so the CPU uses low power from the input. All over these core give you a smooth experience and high-speed gaming experience with lag-free and Gameplay fps will be better and soother.

Now let’s talk about the technology used in intel. The technology used in the i9 12th gen CPU is called Alder Lake Technology.

Alder Lake Technology uses Single Sccalabe Soc Architecture. All client Segments – 9W to 12 W. all are built on the intel 7 processes.

All new core design performance Hybrid with intel Thread Direct. 12 gen CPU will support DDR5 RAM and PCL 5 SSD. Thunderbolt 4 and the latest gen Wi-Fi 6E.

AMD is now using 7nm technology on their processor. It will take a long time for intel to get there now. Here intel uses 10 nm technology on their 12th gen CPUs. Intel increases its IPC by 19%. Gaming fps and performance will be better than the 11th generation. Intel 12th gen CPU will be more user-friendly with windows 11.

RAM Support: All DDR4 RAM And upcoming DDR5 RAM. will be supported.

  • DDR4 – 3200 MHz
  • DDR5 – 5000 MHz ( 5 GHz )

Motherboard: LGA Socket ( when launching). Nowadays most people use the 3rd gen of SSD. in case few people use the 4th gen of SSD. But Intel 12th is the future. it will support the 5th gen of SSD (PCL5). when it will launch we will provide more information.

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