Why Samsung decide to remove Ads in One UI?

Why did the Samsung company decide to cancel ads in one UI?

Samsung has decided that the one UI ad that is given on the phone will be eliminated in the future. But why is Samsung doing this?

However in the future, if Samsung company comes with such a setting everyone will get an ad-free experience. Most people are annoyed with the ads that are given on mobile so the ads-free experience will be very useful for them.

But what is the real purpose of Samsung company not to give these ads In the future, the ads were seen before but the ads will not be seen in the future.

One of the reasons behind giving ads in Samsung or any other company one UI is that it is not a new thing to earn money, it is already going on. Application developers pay large sums of money to mobile companies to keep some apps pre-installed on their mobiles. Then the Story of ads is stated from 2018. There are many small apps in the stock app. In fact, after the mobile companies sell mobile phones at cheap prices, you can earn money for a long time by showing ads in the application.

When Xiaomi started offering ads, many people complained and Xiaomi came up with the option to disable ads in the setting. So that people can use a phone by disabling ads. Ads-free setup can be seen in many stocks in which ads can be seen.

Currently, Samsung company has decided that in the future one type of ad will not be seen in one UI. Now the interesting thing is that what did Samsung do it? In my opinion, there are two reasons behind this. Samsung company will focus more on services than ads. We are going to bring some services on mobile that people will need. People will not hesitate to pay extra to get this benefit. But this is not the real reason. The real reason is that Samsung company wants to stabilize itself as a preview brand. Who can be compared with Apple, but it can be seen that Apple’s brand value is much higher than Samsung, and in everything, Apple is far ahead of Samsung. Samsung company saw that now the main competition is Apple which is a Chinese company. As many Chinese companies as there are, such as Ziaomin realme, the most common of these are the Chinese companies that make phones with much better facilities at a much lower price. But compared to that, the real problem of Samsung is that the company does not lower its brand value and provide services within it. Comparing from all sides, it can be seen that the Chinese company is ahead in everything.

Now the thing is that Samsung company thought that people need to get premium experience in the way they are charging a premium for their phone. Therefore, in order to differentiate its brand from other brands. it has decided to disable ads inone UI.

You can see that one of the two ways for Samsung is to reduce the price of the phone and start giving specifications as the Chinese companies do that everyone wants. But Samsung knows that there will be no difference between Chinese companies and Samsung companies if it does. Rather, they thought it was important to maintain their brand value and make the most of it. Here Samsung company came up with the idea of launching an ads-free experience in one UI by removing ads to differentiate itself from other companies. The extra money that people pay to buy a Samsung phone will find a reason that ads will not be seen on it with a guarantee. Then Samsung company will start giving added bonus as one UI has been approved for a long time as the best screen for Android.

Once upon a time, Samsung company was a useless company. Then came the experience UI then came the one UI Samsung company was able to introduce itself as a good company. Samsung wants a good feature or software to make one UI better. This means that ads will be less visible and ads-free. When people get a good experience, maybe people will want to pay extra for Samsung’s brand and software. This is one of the reasons. All in all, Samsung ads can add some extra money with the free experience. People who don’t like ads in one UI will definitely be able to use Samsung company’s phone.

Samsung and one UI instead of the stock environment here because one can customize one UI, give people the features they want, and make an expression word that is not a stock. And this is the reason why one UI is changing it to differentiate itself from other companies. Nowadays, Samsung is focusing more on foldable. Because Samsung knows that all the companies are making regular smartphones but Samsung is investing the most in foldable to make itself stand out. Technology like foldable is trying to bring the cheap prices. z flip3 is the most foldable phone in India. Samsung is also working on it.

But don’t think that when Samsung’s phone comes, it will be available at a very cheap price. A little more premium can be found on Samsung phones. You will have to pay extra for it, instead, you will get a good software experience and pay for Samsung’s brand. Samsung may charge extra for software updates, after sense or resells value. But on the other hand, Chinese companies cannot do it. If one day Xiaomi, realme price Chinese companies like Samsung, then these will not be sold in the market. This is why no company can go to the level of Samsung. Because even today they do not have such a brand value that if they take extra prices, people will be ready for it. This is why the best specification has to be paid at a lower price otherwise they will not be sold in any phone market. But Samsung doesn’t have to do anything. That’s why Samsung is doing this to build itself as a premium to stand out. But when it comes to Samsung’s ads-free setup, it remains to be seen whether it will really work for Samsung and what people will like about it, and if people will like it, Samsung’s story will be different in the future.

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