How to Play PUBG in Low Ram Device?


If you play BGMI, PUBG, FREE FIRE, etc. and your phone hangs and your phone has less or more ram, whatever it is, follow the tricks you have given yourself to get a better gaming experience. If you are a gamer, then first of all make an important setting to get a better experience on your smartphone. You can get a good gaming experience by following your tricks. These are as follows.

1. Turn on Your Dolby Atmos Setting:

 The first setting that you have to do is to turn on Dolby Atmos. For this you have to go to setting and search sound & vibration then click here you have to click on sound quality and effects. There you will see Dolby atmos obsession. You have to turn it on.

After doing this, no matter which game you play, you will get a different quality sound quality than before. You may not have this setting on your phone, if you have it, you must turn it on to get a better gaming experience.

2. Refresh Rate: 

The second setting is a high refresh rate. For this you have to go to the setting and search for high refresh are then after clicking there select 60-70 Hz whatever. Then try the gaming experience, you will get a better gaming experience than normal 60Hz. at 90Hz the animation is much smoother so that the gaming experience will improve at least a little bit.

3. Delete Junk File:

Thirdly, delete all the junk files in your phone and all the junk things will be less in your storage. If it is too strong, it will affect the performance, so try to reduce the storage as much as possible. Doing so will improve your gaming performance.

4. Turn On Your Developer Setting:

Fourthly, all you have to do is developer settings. for this, you have to go to about in setting and click on build number option 7 times in a row until you are a developer now option is being shown. After clicking 7 times when you come back then you will get a developer option on about now click now have to. And you have to search inside this developer force 4xMsAA.

Then you have to click on this option. Even if your phone has 2 GB RAM, if you turn it on, gaming in your phone will improve a bit more. Doing so will force all the powers on your phone to do something so that it shows the graphic you have on the phone and you can get a better gaming experience. 

The main disadvantage of this is that if it is on, the battery will be low. The battery will be as low as it used to be.

How to on Developer Option?

Click About Phone > Build Number (7 times) > Developer Option is on.

Setting -( realme phone )

5. Gaming Mode:

Fifth: All you have to do is turn on gaming mode on your phone. It is basically given to make the gaming experience better. It basically provides smooth gameplay while playing the game and stops these notifications and calling as much as nonsense al notifications come while playing the game. You can get the next-level graphic. These things optimize the game mode, so you can get smooth gaming. 

After changing this setting you can play PUBG, BGMI, FREE FIRE, smoothly on a low ram device. Thanks for reading.

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