WazirX return money who purchased Shiba Inu at high volume

WazirX: India’s Biggest Cryptocurrency exchange.


WazirX listed the Shiba Inu tokens (SHIB) on 13 May 2021, Shiba listed them with a high price, and many people were started to buy them. after listing, it got down trade and many peoples were losing money. Sometime after Shiba Inu has gone final price and when it went final price it down almost 30-40%. Then the WazirX announced that to return 25% of Money in the next four months who bought Shiba Inu at a high price. after the announce WazirX gave the money returned their WazirX wallet.

here we are seeing proof of the WazirX return their money.

Shiba Inu Listing :

Shiba Inu token listed on WazirX with a high price. then many people bought Shiba tokens at a high price. after some time Shib token market was decreasing so many people lost their money. then wazir announced to an investor to gave return their money who bought Shiba Inu coin at a high price.

Announcement from WazirX:

 WazirX has announced the investor to return money over the next four months by WazirX airdrop.


Then meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu was listed on WazirX was 3 INR. but then there was the price around $0.00002 which converts to Indian rupees 0.0016 INR. 

after that listing, Shib tokens come into the real price slowly. so many people lost their money.

 WazirX said that who bought Shiba Inu at a high price and hold it. he/she gets his/her money return by WazirX airdrop over the next 4 months. and it will be paid WRX token  25% of their loss every month for the next 4 months.


after the announced the WazirX was given a return by WazirX token air dorp

today 21/07/2021

Completed Given Airdrop :

Still, WazirX was complete in 3rd month. and return their money by WazirX tokens airdrop here you can see the proof.

The First Airdrop From WazirX

31 May 2021 wazirx gave their first airdrop by wrx token for who buy at high price SHIBA INU.

this is the image form wazirx to provide by email.

it gave directly in your wrx walled in wazirx app.

this is the first program.

let see the second program…

The Second Airdrop From WazirX

this is the completed second airdrop from WazirX. 

-26 June 2021

WRX Airdrop form SHIB INR buyer part 2

The Third Airdrop From WazirX

-July 2021.

WRX Airdrop for SHIB INR buyer.

this is the third airdrop from WazirX for this buyer.

the 4th airdrop will be coming in next month. stay tuned…

all data was collected from WazirX.

The fourth Airdrop From WazirX will be coming soon.

the fourth airdrop will be distributing on august.

The Fourth Airdrop From WazirX

After a month later, on 1st September, Finally, Shiba Iny completed the fourth airdrop. WazirX completed what he said. Now Shiba Inu buyers are so happy.


This is the complete journey of WazirX airdrop of Shiba Iny buyers.



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