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Smart RAM is Coming in phones:

Introduction: Smart RAM is a new concept that is coming to the phone in 2022 that can be noticed. But what is it really? What is the difference between Virtual RAM and Smart RAM? We all remember these questions. Here we will discuss these issues.

RAM in Android Phones: First of all you have to say that the RAM that is available now is much more utilized of the Android Operator System. This is why 6GB, 8GB, 12 GB, and even up to 18 GB RAM are available in the market. Then comes the idea of virtual RAM. Some part of it can be used in RAM from the internal store. Virtual RAM is not a new thing. Windows has been around for a long time and Linux Operating System has been called soft memory for a long time. But practically the difference in the real blob is much more navigable.

Make RAM smarter: If a dedicated processor is installed inside the current RAM, then the story will be interesting, Here I am talking about LPDDR5’s PIM meaning Processing In Memory which is made by Samsung company. And Samsung has developed a special type of RAM that has the capability of AI which you can see on the mobile phone. Yes, A space in the RAM will act as a brain from where you can arrange everything and decide which things need to be kept at which time and which things need t to be accessed at a certain time, and which things need to be accessed at a certain time. And based on this logic smart RAM is going to be developed in the future whose name is LPDDR5PIM who processing in memory.

But if we compare it with regular LPDDR5, we can see that LPDDR5PIM has twice the working capacity, and 60% power reduction can be seen here. The advantage of this is that it can be used for a long time and everything can be done well in RAM. There are some good things like this attached here. The dedicated chief can be found in the RAM so that at any time who should be placed in which place and which one should be displayed all these will work through AI. And to do all these things, a dedicated processor is needed. Which has not yet come to dedicated AI computing technology but it can be thought that it will continue to come in the future.

Coming in phones in 2022: It is expected that this technology will be introduced in some of Samsung’s phones in early 2022. and this technology can be seen in Samsung S 22 series phones. In a word, the dedicated DRAM in the phone is being implemented to increase the performance by implementing the processor. This technology is not only seen in phones, but also in laptops, tablets, chrome books, and some other low-cost phones. For example, phones that use LPDDR4 RAM can be provided with dedicated chiefs. Performance can be further improved by adding AI to these RAMs.

Virtual RAM vs Smart RAM: There is no comparison between Smart RAM and Virtual RAM. Because virtual RAM is used for the market. For example, from 8 GB RAM has been increased to 12 B RAM has been increased to 12 GB RAM. Virtual RAM is not so useful for those who use mobile phones every day, they can not feel anything different. But on the other hand, if 8 GB Smart RAM is used, then the mobile phone can be used efficiently.

Conclusion: Then it remains to be seen when the companies will bring this technology in the phone. it remains to be seen then the high bandwidth memories will come to mobile, as technology is advancing rapidly. And all the things that used to be seen in computers are now going to be seen in mobile phones in the future. It remains to be seen how this technology will be useful to people.

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