Introduction: You’ve heard of Elon Musk, but do you know about his company, SpaceX Starlink? Because it has been seen for some time now that the register of Starlink has tarted in India. You can pre-register with $99.00. This is a refundable amount because if your member gets stuck you will get this facility and if it is not you will get your money back. But what is it? How does it work? Should it be bought for $99.00 or Rs. 7200 per month? Questions are coming to everyone’s mind about these issues.

What is SpaceX Starlink: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink is a way to provide internet. Which will be done by satellite. Here Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Falcon Rocket will use them to connect small satellites to create a network for the worldwide internet with the help of which it will be possible to provide internet service anywhere in the world directly through satellite. It is very easy to set up by placing a terminal set-up box on top of the house and connecting to the wi-fi router so that you can enjoy internet service wherever you are in the world. This is logic. 2022 of Elon Musk’s Starlink program, it can be seen to rollout. At present it’s speed in 50-150 Mbps but it is said that in future its speed will be 300 Mbps.

Should you pre-registered: But the question in your mind is whether it should be bought with money? Starlink has a $99.00 deposit with which you can register your number. The one who comes first will get it first. From now on, they have started consolidating money. From next year, it will be seen as a rollout in India, which means you will see the implementation of the Starlink program in 2022. The reason for saying this is that the units that India has in 2022 will come and then you have to put the kids. And for this, you have to pay $99.00 dollars to run Starlink every month. With this, you can expect the fixed speed is now available in this concept. It will know at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Some hurdles: What will be the reaction of the Indian government when it will rollout in India, maybe it will come to a halt or the government’s rule destruction can be imposed so that the blog can do this on the website.

Now it is time to start it but it has not been implemented yet. And there are still many questions about this. So now there is no point in putting pressure on Starlink As much as it costs a lot, but if you live in a place where the Internet is not available, it can be useful here, but there is no problem with the Internet, it is not useful. The concept is good but I think now it is not ready for India. We have to come up with a different model for India where the individual cost is a little less. It is to be said in a good way, then in a village if 1-2 people can do through multiple connections in the house. Then you will see the benefits of it At the moment it is not so advanced and still the situation is not so clear. When it comes to rollout in India, it remains to be seen how the Indian government will respond to it, whether it will play a positive or negative role here. Because there are so many things to see here, such as open internet access. Although Elon Musk’s StarLink program concept is good, there are still many questions. It means that there is no profit with money now.

Conclusion: It is worth a lot so my suggestion would be that you can wait 1-2 years even though it will roll out from 2022. Because when you wait 1-2 years, the situation will come to you clearly. Maybe then you cans ee it very easily or a new model or a new thing can come in the market. But the point to look at here is how Starlink will move forward in the future and who will benefit from it.

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